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Library at Las Lomitas - Creating a Community of Avid Readers

Literacy for all students is a top priority at LLESD. In our school libraries, our librarian, Caitlin Davis, and library assistant, Bonnie Thielemann, work hard to introduce our students to so many books that they fall in love with reading. 

Our librarian uses the Model School Library Standards for California Public Schools when developing her library curriculum. This means educating students on how to access information and use it and then integrating their information literacy skills into all areas of their learning.

Mrs. Davis and Ms. Thieleman are constantly expanding the collection of books, looking for new and different books to keep students interested and cement their interest in books. 

Our LLESD community is rich in culture, and they strive to find books representing all types of people and students. They want students to give students a broader understanding of the world around them and the people in it. 

Currently, they are working on creating a multilingual foreign language area in both libraries so students can access books in their home languages. 

LLESD Library Plan Update

Our librarian, Caitlin Davis, presented this LLESD Library Plan Update at our school board meeting on December 14, 2022.