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school counselor: Heather Ryan

school counselor: Heather Ryan

As a school counselor, my primary role is to help your child get the best education possible. A good education involves mastery in academics but also the development of social skills and emotional identification. 

I use my expertise to help keep students grounded in their socio-emotional development to yield compassion and empathy in the community. My job is to ensure our students cultivate the skills to make strong and healthy friendships, make safe decisions, and exercise their intuition and imagination. 

At Las Lomitas, I facilitate small group counseling sessions, have individual caseloads, implement classroom guidance lessons, and support students, staff, and families. Another important part of my job is to support students who are facing particular difficulties. Family disruptions such as illness, death, or divorce may affect children at school. 

If your family or your child is experiencing anything out of the ordinary, please let us know. I am open to observing and implementing resources that may help support you or your child. When we work together, our students can feel the encouragement. 
I can be reached at