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About Las Lomitas

Las Lomitas Elementary School focuses on providing students with an inclusive and foundational education. 
We offer a balanced program, integrating and emphasizing math and literacy, that enables all students to strive toward academic excellence and become independent lifelong learners and positive, contributing members of society. We function as an inclusive community to reach our vision of meeting each student's academic and social-emotional needs. 
We believe every school community member contributes to our school environment, where all may thrive and succeed.  

Communication Channels 
At Las Lomitas, we use a variety of channels to communicate with families. We have a bi-weekly school newsletter that is distributed on every other Thursday throughout the school year.
There is also a weekly communication, the Lion's Roar, an online newsletter published and distributed by the PTA. This newsletter has weekly updates from the principal, assistant principal, PTA, Las Lomitas League, and other personnel. 
Teachers also share classroom newsletters that inform you of activities and learning. We also have a school website,, that includes standing information, a school calendar, and periodic updates from the principal and assistant principal.